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In May of 1891 a group of men came together to create an insurance company which provided affordable rates available to individuals in rural Henry County, Missouri. On May 31, 1891 Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Henry County was established, making it the first “home-owned” Insurance Company in Henry County. The Companies constitution and by-laws were drawn and a charter to do business was granted by the Secretary of State Office. The seven board members met in the county court room once a month. All applications were taken to the board and approved by the board before the policy could be issued. An assessment was only taken at time of a loss if money was needed to pay the loss. In 1900, this was changed to making two assessments per year. In 1909 the company had a total of $18,712 of insurance in force.

In April 1917, the by-laws were changed to include writing auto insurance, insuring only automobiles kept within the county and belonging to farmers. In 1959, the board passed a motion that all assessments be made at the company office, where they had previously been collected at different places within the county. In 1918 the company had a total of $6,000,000 of insurance in force.

In May 1963 the office moved from the top floor of the courthouse to a new location at 210 W Franklin Street, Clinton.

January 1, 1964 the company entered into a contract with State Farmers Mutual Insurance Company (Cameron Mutual) to write a cooperative policy.

In 1969 the company elected to come under the Division of Insurance which enabled them to broaden their writing territory to ten counties.

In 1971 the name of the company was changed to the current name of Henry County Mutual Insurance Company. In 1974 the company was granted a certificate of authority to write within every county of Missouri.

In June of 1985 Henry County Mutual Insurance moved from the location on Franklin Street, and purchased the property located at 325 North Second Street where we are today. The company currently has approximately $408,000,000 of insurance in force.


Located in Clinton, MO, Henry County Mutual Insurance Co has been providing insurance packages for customers since 1891. We bring the experience and knowledge to find out what your insurance needs are and advise what packages will fit your needs. Whether it is life, health or theft insurance, we have it for you!

Finding the right insurance policy can be confusing. Each insurance company offers different benefits with its insurance plans that also vary among companies.


Henry County Mutual Insurance Company of Henry County is dedicated to provide Quality Insurance Products and Services that provide protection with value pricing, in a profitable manner by establishing a successful partnership with our Policyholders, Staff and Agencies.


Dealing with other insurance companies can be tiresome since they follow tedious processes just to keep you insured. But, we at Henry County Mutual insurance Co, promise to keep you safe in a more convenient way.
We have a wide variety of insurance policies that are sure to fit your needs. We are here to lead you to the right ones. We are located in Clinton, MO. Call us at: (660) 885-4221 for details and other concerns.


Do not let finding the right insurance benefit get you down! Learn more about what we can do for you by calling us today.


We offer scholarships to Henry County and our surrounding counties!

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We also sponsor several sports teams in our community!

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